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Friday, 13 March 2009

I've been RAK'd

I've received gifts from 2 wonderful ladies in the mail today.

Karen has sent me a book thong for my latest read. Karen makes the most fabulous handmade glass beads. Better pics and more can be seen on her bead blog where she records some of the wonderful gifts she has made. Thank you so much Karen, i love it.

Barb (no blog) had been snooping on my list of stuff i would like, this was added when the Nashville preview came out. I can't believe i have it here in my little mitts complete with the threads. I have the perfect fabric for it, mmmm i think i might just have to have a different new start than the one i planned :-) Thank you so much Barb for your generosity and kindness, i am so looking forward to stitching it.

Peacock Chair update - It's almost finished, i'm just waiting for the last of the glue to dry and add the scissors and fob on to it, a pic for you next time ......

Have a lovely weekend, Happy Stitching


  1. wow great gift from Barb , glad you like the thong

  2. aren't you just the luckiest?!
    can't wait to see your little chair too

  3. What wonderful gifts, not only the chart but the floss as well...(note to myself I must make a wish list!!!)

    Well done you must be a great friend to have such generous gifts.

    Chris x

  4. what wonderful gifts you received. How generous of your friends!!

  5. Lucky you, some wonderful RAKs. Looking forward to seeing the chair

  6. Hello's ages since I've been blogging.
    What fab RAKs you the chart and must be pleased with yourself.

    Hope you are keeping well....
    Happy knitting and stitching and (((hugs))

  7. WOW Julie, you are a lucky ducky. I really like LHN,I haven't seen that one yet. I have a lot in my stash to stitch. Also I like the Blackwork ornament.I am going to have to look that one up. I think I have that issue.

  8. OOh lovely gifts Julie, your a lucky lady!

    Looking forward to seeing the peacock chair finished,:) now it wasn't as bad as you thought it was going to be was it? I've got the 'garden' chair too, do you fancy doing that one ? rofl

  9. Wow two fantastic gifts.

    I do like the look of that chart. I have been trying not to look at the new things that have come out (Im on the wagon :0( ) but I keep spying things in peoples blogs lol.

  10. Great gifts from two lovely ladies. Will enjoy seeing the Stitcher's Wallet develop. :0)

  11. Two fantastic gifts there. Looking forward to seeing the stitchers wallet made up

  12. Wonderful RAK's.
    I can't wait to see that chair :)


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