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Saturday, 17 May 2008

Needleroll reveal ...

Fast post from the UK to the US (5 days only) and i can reveal the needleroll i stitched for Katrina in the exchange at TS. I think Royal Mail must have heard me ranting about their bad service and done something about it LOL

Design - Just Nan old freebie 'Dragonfly Summer'
Fabric - Wichelt 28ct linen 'waterlily'
Thread - DMC & Mill Hill beads
I did use a different charm than the one it asks for, you can see what should have been on if you scroll down the page here


  1. Pretty needleroll. The colors look lovely on that fabric ;)

  2. The needleroll looks lovely. Congratulations on another great master piece.

  3. The Needleroll is Gorgeous Julie...
    just reading your previous days Peggy and Irene are How many wabbits are you going to

    Happy knitting and stitching... (((hugs))

  4. one word Stunning! love the design,
    I'm too scared to have a go at making one of these lol

  5. lovely needleroll glad it has arrived

  6. That is goergeous! great job, Julie!!

  7. Another piece of your beautiful work Julie, x

  8. Oooh I love it Julie! it is stunning:)

  9. Your needleroll is beautiful, Julie. Well done!

  10. that is beautiful Julie I really must do one of these soon. Oh why is there never enough time lol

  11. Such a beautiful needleroll Julie - one very lucky recipient. BTW, I like it better with your choice of charm than as shown on the website.
    Love the two new bunnies, such cuties. :0)


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