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Friday, 30 May 2008

Friday funday!

Poor Midge is feeling very sorry for himself. He was not impressed when naughty mum woke him up this morning to put him into the cat basket and bundle him into the car for a short drive to the vets for his annual check up and vaccination. The bad vet also stuffed a worming pill down his throat! He's been curled up on the big bed since he came home having a catnap LOL

When i got back postie had been and Amy had signed for a parcel for me ... it was my needleroll in the secret exchange at JA. On opening the envelope a gorgeous smell of lavendar wafted out coming from the needleroll. Many thanks to 'secret stitcher' for this lovely piece of work and also for the goodies you enclosed. Reveal is this weekend, i'll show you mine and let on where it went and of course find out who stitched this.

GOOD DEED FOR THE DAY ~ I intercepted a burglar this afternoon ... he was robbing my neighbours car, i shot out of our front door and shouted to him and he sped off on his bicycle, his friend and look-out was up the road. He was in his early 20's and obviously an opportunist thief. Unfortunately she had not locked the car as she had only nipped inside to pick something up and he did get away with her phone but lots of other stuff that was in there was OK. She's phoned the police to report it, but i don't suppose i'll be getting a visit to give a description etc. DH thinks we need to get a camera put up on the outside of the house as there has been quite a bit of vandalism in the area lately as well as thieves ...


  1. Gorgeous Needleroll and goodies...I can't wait until tomorrow to find out who stitched mine!!
    We have youths causing trouble near us all the time too...the way of the world at the moment unfortunately.
    Have a good Friday evening :0)

  2. wow I hope they catch the person,sounds like camera's is the way to go
    your needleroll is super , poor midge

  3. Oh you cruel mother, you did not deserve that lovely needleroll.

  4. Poor Midge...I hope he leaves you a dead mouse, you're such a meanie!

    Super needleroll you lucky girl!

    Great job surprising the thief!

  5. Not the dreaded vet!
    Big nose wubs and ear tickles to Midge. Bless him!

    Bring back Bobbys on the Beat I say! (not for Midge LOL of course, the petty theives!)

    Stephie x

  6. That's too bad about the excitement. Good that you shouted before he got anything else. Maybe he will think twice if he ever thinks about doing it again.

    Nice needle roll!

    Poor kitty :o(

  7. Aww bless little Midge:)

    Lovely needleroll you received. I have loved this exchange and am looking forward to the next one:)

    I hope the police catch the culprit.

  8. Poor Kitty,I hope he has forgiven you now!! What a super Needleroll!
    Good on you scareing them away! we have wondered about getting a camera set up as we are near two pubs and we have found allsorts in our garden from a drunk asleep to finding a mountain bike against DH's car on the drive!!


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