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Thursday, 14 February 2008

Happy Valentines Day ...

Do you think Valentines day is romantic or are you of the opinion like my DH that it is just a way for shop owners to cash in and make money ???

With this in mind, when i was at the stitchy club last night i received a message on my phone which read "Can you stop off on the way home and pick me up a valentine gift for you?" It doesn't take a great imagination for you to guess what the reply was LOL. When i got home my DD came in right after me and presented my with a lovely bouquet of flowers telling they were from DH and he had asked her to pick up something for me when she left work at the local supermarket (i must add she also had an even bigger bouquet in the other hand from her BF and a Be my Tweetheart tweety pie birdie balloon!!). We laughed and made fun of DH.

When i awoke this morning, he brought me my usual cup of tea in bed (thats a daily thing, he is a real romantic really) together with a large box of Ferrerro Rocher choccies (yummy) and a lovely card, and here's the pic to prove it!! I had already bought him a card and a small gift of his favourite choccie, so i decided he had redeemed himself and he could have them LOL

To be fair, he brings me flowers regularly throughout the year and says why should he feel obligated to do it when it is expected from him. I guess he has a point....


  1. Very nice Julie - especially the Ferrero (drool!). :0)
    Guess that's two of us who won't be planting our DH's under the patio then! ;0) LOL

  2. Lovely flowers and choccies!!Don't eat them all in one go!
    We try to do something nice together when we haven't got the kids,and occasionally buys me flowers when he knows I am feeling down or unwell!!
    Thanks for asking about Reece ,He is doing ok ,he has been back at school this week,although I wasn't happy to find out today he has been doing P.E when he and the school know he isn't supposed to !!

  3. aaaww he's a sweetie realy lol

    DD2 bought me a lovely squishy red heart cushion with 'i love you' 'cos neither of us has a man to buy us any thing rofl

  4. nice flowers and chocolates Mr P

  5. I'm not a big Valentine's fan and I really can see the pressure that guys and girls are under.

    Even still... when they do these things on this day (proded by pressure or not) it's nice that they choose to. Yup, you should keep him, rofl.

    I feel it shouldn't be for grade school children and younger teens that endure this holiday and it's confusion. We did make Valentines for my daughter, because we weren't sure what the teacher planned :(

    uh-oh, I've written a book in your space ;)

    Love the new pics of the Kitties and (I think daughter?)

  6. Ooh choccies and flowers! Very nice:) We only do cards here and I nearly didn't get one from DH! I gave him a card and he said he'd write mine when I wasn't looking!! Then when he did go to write it he realised he'd bought one that said "To the Man in My Life"! Should I be worried or offended! Needless to say he went out and bought another one!


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