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Friday, 21 December 2007

When Santa got stuck up the chimney ....

Midge decided he wanted to go up and see if he could rescue him!!!! So, we have had to buy a new fireguard for my open fire, it now covers all of the hole and there is no way he will be jumping over and trying to go up there again when the fire is out ... silly kitty

Day 21 ... it can't be can it??? Jorja sent 2 lovely ornies for the tree, i think she has made these herself. Kathy sent me 2 dusting and polishing mitts, wonder if i'll get time to use them before Santa comes, or maybe i could get DH to try them out and show me how to use them properly LOL

Merry Christmas to you all *just for you Sally*


Karen said...

That cat is nuts lol
Can your DH give instructions to mine when he works out how the mitts work

Ranae said...

silly kitty...
Dusting mitts are the best.
Hollyberry turned out beautifully.

Stitchingranny said...

The mitts are definitely a pressie for your DH, I mean you cant stitch with mitts on can you?

Sally said...

What a silly kitty! Did he have to have a wash?!

Lol! Thanks Julie {{{hugs}}}