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Friday, 7 December 2007

In the Xmas spirit ??

I'm trying to get there .... why does it take so long to put the decs up and yet we can take them down in record time!! Just for you Rachael (so you don't have to nag me) my open fireplace all trimmed up for the occasion. Just to the right is the hand knitted nativity that my MIL made for the kids a very long time ago (click pic to enlarge). Now she's no longer with us, it's a very special part of our festive decorations. The tree is all done too so i'll post a pic of that for you next time. Can you see the cats xmas stockings hanging up all ready, they sent their lists off to santa as well LOL

Day 7 of the advent exchange today, Kathy sent this beautiful calendar, she knows DH is the gardener in this house so he thinks this is another one for him!! Jorjas clue 'Keep a cold weather sniffly nose at bay' and the pressie - a lovely fabric tissue cover, it holds one of those little handbag sized packets, this is going straight into my bag before DD sees it and tries to grab it LOL


Rachael said...

What a lovely christmassy pic !! I love the samplers on the chimmney.

Sally said...

I think I'm a little behind on commenting this week! Lol!

Love your decs Julie. It does look as though you're getting in the Christmas spirit.

I'm in it now, well I was until last night when Abi came in in tears as she's being picked on verbally by three lads. Thankfully her English had seen what was going on ( yes it was in class!)and is going to do something about it. I won't tell you what I'd like to do to them!

Stitchingranny said...

Love the little tissue cover what a good idea. Did you rescue your "kiss" from yesterday lol.

The deco's are looking good Julie.

Karan said...

Great decs Julie, you're much better organised than me - I've managed to put up a grand total of two so far.
More lovely goodies too. :0)

Karen said...

Nice festive scene lol loads more decos than us ;O),