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Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Silent Flutter

Week 3 completed of the Loopylou SAL, this week we added the flowers in the corners, the joy of working with kreinik !!!! This is stitched on 27ct white linda (same as hollyberry), i like this fabric, it seems much better when you come to cutting the hardanger bits, it's quite a bit stiffer than others and you can see the holes much better so a good fabric if you are new to hardanger

Guess what weather we are having today??? and why is it that a certain Mr Moe always wants a big cuddle when he is sopping wet - no chance matey unless you let me catch you with the towel and dry you off a bit. He's decided to sneak off and go and catch a few ZZZZ's on the chair in the office now, that sounds like a good idea, maybe i could have a nap myself this afternoon LOL


  1. Flutterby is so pretty, look forward to your next update Julie. :0)
    Wow, a cat that'll go out in the rain - mine used to take one look, turn round & go back to her bed in a huff.

  2. I do love to come here to see all the pretty stitching,
    Does a wet cat stink like a wet dog? I used to hate it when our dog got wet...the smell. Ewwwww!!! lol

  3. The Loopylou design is looking so pretty, I'm looking forward to seeing it finished.
    I'll give Mr Moe a big wet cuddle, send him over to me lol

  4. Hi Julie, oh that's really pretty, well done with it.
    You had rain?? It's lovely here, the weather is so mild for this time of year, supposed to be 15degress I'm keeping it here, not sharing our good weather with you. Hopefully it will stay this way for another few weeks, and perhaps make winter that bit shorter.
    LOL look at Mr. Mo.....he's gorgeous!
    Happy stitching, hugs to you and headscratches to the kittiecats.

  5. Silent Flutter is gorgeous Julie:)

    LOL at Mr Moe! He is adorable wet or dry!


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