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Monday, 9 April 2007

Lavendar Garden Mini Mandala

This morning i added the last of the delica beads to this, it has been a pleasure to stitch and i've really enjoyed it, i'll definately be stitching another

It's stitched on 28ct Quaker cloth - light mocha, using DMC and Vikki Clayton silk in Lavendar (i hadn't got the required Silk n Color so substituted with the VC silk) and delica beads, a BIG THANK YOU to you Sally for sharing with me, it wouldn't have looked the same with mill hills LOL. I've certainly had my monies worth from the Gift of Stitching mag this year !!!

Thanks for your comments on the little bag for my SIL, Lynn asked how to make it ..... i have the chart 'Heartstrings' from Cats Whiskers (halfway down the page)and the instructions are in there, this time i made some alterations as follows .... cut a square of fabric 10" x 10", stitch your design in the centre, and in the 4 corners if you wish (i added buttons this time) back it with nice fabric, turn inside out and sew up the opening, turn down the corners and sew along leaving a gap for the cords. Make/buy two cords approx 24" long. Start at middle left and thread top left, top right, bottom right, bottom left with one cord and start at right hand side and go top right, top left, bottom left and bottom right with the other, pull gently and east the bag into shape. Hope this makes sense. Here's a link that Ish gave me with piccies Bourse instructions
Happy Stitching


  1. Another beautiful finish Julie, I was tempted to order the back issue after seeing Sally's finish but I do have to try and be realistic and I think I have enough to stitch, and on my wish list without adding more lol.

    I have made a start on Barnabee you will be pleased to hear.

  2. That's really lovely Julie. I'm nowhere near finishing mine yet, but it is a lovely design to stitch.

  3. Lovely Mandala finish Julie. I have this in my to do pile but goodness knows when I'll get round to it.

  4. What a gorgeous finish Julie...well done.
    So what's next????
    Huggles & Happy Stitching

  5. Your mandala is gorgeous Julie. I really enjoyed stitching this along with you and Lisa.

  6. Julie, such a beautiful finish!!

  7. What a lovely lavender mandala, Sally's is beautiful too.

    Glad to hear Midge is doing better and I hope your beautiful tuck arrives at its destination soon.


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