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Wednesday, 28 February 2007

lots of goodies

it's so nice when the postie comes and brings you parcels that surprise you, thats just what happened today, he thought it was my birthday LOL

I got the Cats Whiskers ~ Peacock Stitching Chair (DH bought me that for our wedding anniversary and valentines) and my monthly club of Finca Perle from Jaynes Attic, in this parcel was a freebie design from Carol Tinson at Heirloom Embroideries, it's called Darling Buds and is very pretty

I won a competiton that Brenda at TSBB held at Christmas for one of her TOPS, she mailed it out at the beginning of January but it never arrived, she kindly made me another one to replace it and i was releived that it arrived today, thank you Brenda it is wonderful and i will treasure it

Joann has sent the tuck for the spring exchange at TSBB so i need to find a nice chart to stitch for that and get that in the mail to my exchange partner

and a lovely surprise from a special friend for my wedding anniversary (that was 19th Feb) she sent me the Dolly Mamas kit 'go braless, it pulls the wrinkles out of your face' and a cute L*K chart, thank you Kathy that was a really lovely surprise and DH loves the Dolly Mama's he nearly choked on his breakfast !!!!

Stitching club tonight, i'll be taking the JN 12 Days with me, have almost finished Day 6 and then it will go away for a while so i can concentrate on Month 2 of the SALs and of course begin the little hardanger SAL @ JABB


  1. Hi Julie, sounds like you have a great stash day and got some lovely stuff too.
    I love the dolly mamas they are so funny.
    Thanks for your lovely comment in my blog, I'm so relieved you have no idea. You're next! Fingers crossed.
    Huggles and Happy stitching.....

  2. Oh YOU'RE the one in the Finca perle club. I wrapped those for you as I was helping out in the shop that day. LOL.

  3. Nice stash day Julie. I am envious! LOL!

    Beads are on order! LOL

  4. Sounds like your postie was really loaded down today Julie. I don't know what all your abbreviations are for but I guess they are other sites you belong to - you will have to email me details lol.

    BTW Thanks for my diploma.

  5. Oh, nice stash haul, Julie!!!


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