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Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Happy Valentines Day

wishing you all a Happy Valentines Day, my DH has bought me a patio/bush rose for the garden, it's a nice pink flower called 'The Fairy' he said this way I would have roses all summer .... what a sweetie he is

there are those that keep asking (and they do it so nicely!!) for an update of HAED LEO, so....... here it is, there's not much progress though

tonight it's the stitching club, i've been trying to decide what to take with me to stitch?? I think it might have to be the JN 12 Days, i'm thinking of making it my Wednesday night project and just stitch on it then, that way i'll still get one day done per month as i intended this year, and i can stitch and chat whilst doing it as it's not a complicated chart to follow LOL


  1. Happy Valentine's Day, Julie! Leo is looking great!!

  2. LOL I wonder who keeps asking you for a progress pic of Leo Julie....pmsl
    He's coming along nicely and he is growing for you, well done on your progress.
    So how was stitchy club??

  3. Leo is coming along nicely Julie. I love the colours in it so far.

  4. Will look forward to seeing Leo grow Julie, lol I know how slow these things move now I have start mine.


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