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Friday, 15 April 2016

Gifted Gorgeousness - April

The 15th of the month so that means it's time for a Gifted Gorgeousness post. 

Created by the lovely Jo over at Serendipitous Stitching, a way to show what kind and wonderful people crafting folks are with their lovely gifts they send out to others.

The rules are quite simple and can be found on Jo's sign up page at the top of her blog.
The Snowflower Diaries free SAL for April was stitched on a piece of gifted Dragon Shades 28ct jobelan fabric from Polstitches Designs called Nature's Grace.  It's a lovely hand dyed pale green and I used DMC threads.

Knitting pins have been clicking away. My granddaughter asked for a 'cardigan with no sleeves' as she called it.   The recent red cardigans I knitted for her for school she loves and the pattern does give waistcoat instructions, so after a lengthy conversation about what colour she would like I went and bought some wool.
It's almost complete, just needs to be sewn together and the armbands and front bands added.  Does this class as dark pink? that's the colour she asked for .... it was the darkest pink aran I could find locally and my argument to her will be that it is darker than the pink cardigan I knitted before.   
So to fit in with GG a hand knitted gifted waistcoat (in the making)

I'm looking forward to seeing what lovely things you have all been using for this months Gifted Gorgeousness post and also anything that you have given away too.

I hope you are enjoying the springtime.  We have birds nesting in the garden.  Watching them to and fro into the nest box is lovely, a set of blackbirds are also in the trees as well as the blue tits this year.

Love and blessings


p.s. I've scheduled this post as I am enjoying a few days Spring break away with hubby, i'll tell you about that next time.


  1. I do so hope you are enjoying your Spring break Julie.
    Once again you have me wishing I was your granddaughter!!! ;) Love your knitting for her.

  2. I love the knitting colour. Have a good break.

  3. Lovely April stitched finish! The color of the knitting is gorgeous and I look forward to seeing it made up. Enjoy your break .

  4. Hope you have had a lovely break. We've had some lovely weather this weekend so we've been out and about looking at the bluebells in the local woods. Joyful world is lovely, pretty fabric too. GD is very lucky to have you knitting such lovely clothes for her.

  5. Beautiful stitching and knitting! And thanks for the reminder about GG too.

  6. Beautiful stitching and knitting x

  7. Thank you for taking part in GG this month.

    I love seeing all the Snowflower Diaries designs on everyone's blogs.
    Great waistcoat, I am sure she will love it.

    Since you are on your holibobs as Mouse would say, I have added your link to the GG link-up for you.

  8. I think it's a beautiful dark pink and she'll be thrilled with your finish. I so admire people that can create beautiful pieces like that, the extent of my yarn skills is crochet cat mats :)

    What an adorable finish April is, the title squirrel and rabbit are adorable, I've not seen that design before.

  9. Hope you are having a lovely break. Beautiful stitchy finish and love the colour of the wool.

  10. Your fabric choice for the April part of the SAL such a lovely and unusual green, and the pink yarn is so pretty and cheerful that I'm sure your grand-daughter will love it :)

  11. I enjoy seeing your projects. I think we have a similar taste in colours. I hope you are enjoying your break.

  12. I enjoy seeing your projects. I think we have a similar taste in colours. I hope you are enjoying your break.

  13. That fabric is gorgeous and perfect for the spring colours of the April design. Fabulous waistcoat! Hope you've had a lovely holiday.

  14. I hope you are having a wonderful time away.
    What a great gift this will be for your granddaughter. And it's nearly finished.
    Nice April stitching.

  15. Looks like a dark pink to me, she'll love it.
    The April piece is so sweet

  16. Beautiful work on your April piece. I just love watching this SAL each month. Love your knitting. Beautiful color.

  17. Your latest stitching make is adorable.
    This SAL has been a real treat so far, with all these pretty designs!

  18. I love the waistcoat for your GD. We too have birds nesting in our garden and they are a joy to watch.
    Hope you are enjoying your break x

  19. What a lovely April addition! These SAL pieces just get sweeter and sweeter. Your granddaughter's cardigan is looking pretty and you chose a beautiful color for it. : )

  20. Ooh I love the color of the yarn.Perfect for your GD.

  21. Your Joyful World is lovely. I'm enjoying seeing everyone post pictures of the months they've completed, I'm so far behind but I can see what's coming up and what it will look like. The little waistcoat is lovely but you're at the stage I hate, the sewing up bit. I'm sure your grandaughter will be very pleased with it.

  22. That is definitely a dark pink, Julie--it will be perfect for Miss Isabelle's stylish "no-sleeves" cardigan :) Love your little April finish, too--such a pretty fabric you chose.

    Hope your Spring break trip is going well and that you're having the same warm, sunny weather that we are having!

  23. Hope you enjoyed your break!
    I love the dark pink cardi with no sleeves!! :o)
    Your April finish is gorgeous - I am so far behind in the SAL - just started February!
    Hugs xx

  24. Lovely stitching and knitting, Julie. It's lovely to know that your hand crafts are appreciated when you are asked to knit other things.

  25. Two great April GG finishes and yes, I would call that Dark Pink.


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