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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Mayday Mayday!!

No panic, i am not in trouble....just the start of another month....and time to reveal this months challenge piece. The brief for the challenge each month is 'A free design to stitch and finish as you like'

The design each month is chosen by Christine at Needlecraft Haven and this month was Happy Day by Subrosa.

A small piece of 28ct lugana in what the ticket says is called 'blush' is a piece of fabric i chose from the oddment bag. I decided to make the little birdie a different colour and went with a peacock blue for him - i say him, it could be a her!

A handbag tissue holder sprang to mind when it came time to finish it and one of the ladies at the stitch club has a birthday next month, so this will go into her birthday parcel. I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out. Other finishes for this design from members of the forum can be seen in the online album although some are still finishing off and will be added later.

The only other stitching happening has been to LHN 'The Rain Fell' and very apt it's been as that's exactly what the weather had been doing all week. My poor garden is sodden and yet they are saying we are still in a drought situation. As i heard a chap mention on the radio, this is the wettest drought i have ever seen.

I put the final stitch into it last night ...

I hope you are all safe wherever you are with the reports of floods in the UK. The first few pictures in this report showing localised flooding are only a short walk from my home.


Edited to add the link for the tissue holder tutorial i used


  1. Oooo, the peacock tissue holder finish is just darling. Is there a tutorial for that somewhere? I'm always on the lookout for nice things to increase my sewing skills!

  2. 1 readers wise words lol??? No pressure then hun haha. I love the finish..was it hard to do? And your rainy project is lovely. Now I want to do it and I already have so many things to do!!! That is the problem with many temptations haha.

  3. Love the finishes! The tissue holder is so creative!!!

  4. Lovely Julie, I love the tissue holder!!
    Well done on your finishes.

    Stay Dry!!

  5. Happy May, Julie! Hope that rain stops soon and those wonderful May flowers start blooming. Your LHN finish is adorable--such pretty fabric you chose for it. And your stitched tissue holder is such a great idea--really pretty, yet usable :)

  6. What great finishes!! Very creative to make that tissue holder ~ that pattern is perfect for it.

  7. Oh wow a tissue holder! That's fantastic and I must do one of those soon. xx

  8. Julie both are lovely and a very quick finish with the rain falling. How are you going to finish that one.
    We have sunshine today so washing being done in large amounts.
    Will reply to your e mail soon sweetie.

  9. Both of your finishes are gorgeous. Love the tissue holder - such a great idea. I too hope it stops raining soon. We are also in a drought region and not allowed to use hosepipes, ha ha,

  10. Love, love, love the tissue holder:-)
    and yes the rain stitching is very apt at the moment! apparently this is the wettest April since records began, mmm, always seems to be the wettest, the coldest, are we going to have the warmest in the summer do you think?

    The weather was awful here on Sunday, blew 2 fence panels down in our garden, they belong to the neighbour though, we asked him to change it last summer because it had seen better days (we offered to go halves) but he reckoned they were ok - looks like he will have to fork out for the whole cost himself now :-)

  11. Cute finishes! The tissue holder will be a treasure to your friend. And the LHN sampler is sooo cute! I hope the weather gets nice for you soon!

  12. Julie, I love the tissue case. Nice idea. Your LHN is lovely also. the weather here has also been terrible. It hs been so cold that we are still using the furnace at night. I don't think it will ever get warm. LOL

  13. Great finish on the challenge. Mine got as far as the flower and then ground to a halt! I was so sure I'd finish this one, I think the 40ct fabric was a bit too ambitious.
    Love the LHN, so appropriate. I heard someone say the other day that the hosepipe ban was to stop us getting any wetter!

  14. Wow! My Happy Day freebie...
    I love your tissue holder!It's very pretty!

  15. Beautiful stitching. What a lovely way to finish it. Congratulations on finishing The Rain Fell. It's so pretty.


  16. I love your tissue holder finish Julie. What a fantastic idea and thank you for the link to the tutorial.

    The Rain Fell is a beautiful finish. We have had such a lot of rain haven't we and it seems to stupid that we are still in drought.

  17. What a neat little finish! It's adorable and sooooooooooooo handy.

  18. Love the tissue holder Julie, hoping for a loser look when I pop by as it's a great finishing idea x x m

  19. I love your tissue holder. My Nana always had a stash of those little tissue packets with her and I've started doing the same!

    I also love your LHN design, totally apt! Apparently snow is forecast this Bank Holiday weekend WTF!!!

  20. What a great idea to finish the peacock stitchery as a tissue holder! :o)


  21. That's a great finishing for the peacock freebie. Thanks for adding the tutorial.
    Congrats on finishing that lovely LHN piece.

  22. Julie that freebie turned out so bright and colourful, great idea for a kleenk holder! Thanks for sharing the tutorial.

    Great finish as well!

  23. The tissue holder is delightful Julie, your cross stitch projects are so beautiful, I do enjoy cross stitch but seem to lack the patience to finish anything at the moment.

    Hope you're feeling better soon. xx

  24. I love how you finished the challenge piece. I had been wanting to join the NH challenges this year but as you know my health is hindering so much. You are on a roll though and your The Rain Fell is great and oddly appropriate for all the rain you had over there. Jos was in Winchester, England when it was all happening. He did not however have to swim back to Holland from there. :-)

    Hugs from Holland ~


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